What do Wesleyans believe about the Bible?
What do Wesleyans believe about Jesus Christ?
  We believe the Bible, both Old and New testaments, to be
the inspired, the only infallible, authoritative Word of God.
We believe that the Bible is the complete revelation of
God's plan for the salvation of man and the divine and final
authority for all Christian belief and practice.

 We believe in the deity of Jesus Christ, in His virgin birth,
free from moral taint of nature, perfect in life and conduct, in
His miracles, and in His vicarious death.  We believe in His
atonement for the whole human race, in His bodily resurrection
from the dead, in His ascension into heaven where at the right
hand of God He is now our High Priest and Advocate, and in
His bodily return to the earth in His second coming.

What do Wesleyans believe about God?
What do Wesleyans believe about the Holy Spirit?
 We believe that God is an Eternal Personal Being of absolute
knowledge, power and goodness, eternally existent in three
persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
 We believe the Holy Spirit is a person--the Third Person in the
triune God, and in His agency in creation, preservation, revelation
and redemption.

What do Wesleyans believe about man?
What do Wesleyans believe about the church?
 We believe that man was created by God, that he did not
evolve from matter or from lower forms of life; that because
of willful disobedience, he brought upon himself both
physical and spiritual death and passed on to all posterity
a sinful nature for which he becomes personally respon-
sible to God at the age of accountability.
 We believe that the church is God's ordained institution composed
of all who believe on Jesus Christ for salvation, among whom the
Word of God is preached, divine worship of God is exercised, the
means of grace are duly administered, the attitudes toward God
and man as exemplified in Jesus Christ are fostered, and the
solemn obligation of a worldwide gospel witness is faithfully

What do Wesleyans believe about the way of salvation?
What do Wesleyans believe about the practice of godly living and
separation from the world?

 We believe that man's return to God is only through the en-
abling of the Holy Spirit.  We believe that both repentance
and faith are conditions for obtaining the new birth.  We
believe that born-again Christians are called to be cleansed
from a remaining sinful nature and filled with the Holy
Spirit through a definite confession of inward sinfulness,
a presentation of one's self as a living sacrifice, and an obedient
faith in the promised cleansing through the atoning blood.
It is not, however, the teaching of the Church that this
cleansing delivers from infirmities, from ignorance and from
mistakes which are common to man.  We believe that the
Holy Spirit bears witness both to the new birth and also
to heart cleansing and Spirit fullness, all of which are retained
by daily obedience and faith.  We believe that evidences of
the Spirit's fullness are not the possession of spiritual gifts
but rather a life of inward and outward righteousness.  We
believe that man's return to God from a fallen state is com-
pleted in the redemption of the corruptible body at the
resurrection of God's people.
 We believe that Christians are not to isolate themselves, but rather
are to be as lights in the world.  As salt, as leaven, they are to affect
for good whatever culture of which they are a part.
  We believe, however, that Christians are in a very true sense to be
separate from this world.  They are to have a spirit and life-style
different from their non-Christian contemporaries, for they are to
base their way of life on the teachings of the Bible.
  We believe that way of life involves; being honest in all dealings
with other persons; showing respect for all authority; having re-
verence for the name of Deity; observing the Lord's Day in worship
at His house and in spiritual edification; giving tithes and offerings
to support the work of the kingdom; abstaining from all forms of
spiritism, from the use of alcoholic beverages and all harmful drugs,
from the use of tobacco, and from gambling.
  We believe that Christians seek to exalt Christ by sincere obedience;
by honoring Him in every phase of family life; by striving together
to advance God's kingdom and to mutually edify fellow believers
in holiness, knowledge, and love.

What do Wesleyans believe about life after death?
What do Wesleyans believe about the sacraments?
We believe in the conscious existence of the dead, the resur-
rection of the body, the final judgment, everlasting life of the
saved, and everlasting punishment of the wicked.
 We believe there are two sacraments:
The Lord's Supper administered openly and
Baptism by immersion, sprinkling, or pouring.